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Uni Mannheim 4th Germany's most startup-friendly uni in German Startup Monitor 2022

Uni Mannheim 4th Germany's most startup-friendly uni in German Startup Monitor 2022

As in previous years, the University of Mannheim was able to end up in one of the top positions in the German Startup Monitor 2022 ranking, which is published annually by the auditing firm PWC.

The survey on which the ranking is based focuses primarily on innovative and growth-oriented startups, including the question of where their founders studied. RWTH Aachen, WHU Koblenz, TU Munich and the University of Mannheim were named most frequently by founders as one of 194 possible universities. Prof. Michael Woywode, who coordinates entrepreneurship activities at the University of Mannheim and heads the Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, is pleased with this result. "We feel confirmed in our impression that many high-growth startups in Germany are initiated by alumni of the University of Mannheim and Mannheim Business School." Because what the public often doesn't know: former Mannheim students were involved in the founding of such big shots like, Weltsparen/Raisin, Payback, Statista, Instafreight, Eshelter/Investa, Amorelie, Homeday, Camelot Consulting, Foodspring, Stocard, Treasury Intelligence Solutions and many others. "Our students have a strong motivation, they are extremely high-performing, well-educated and have a desire to drive change in business and society. These are excellent prerequisites for growth-oriented start-ups," adds Prof. Woywode.

Startups from the University of Mannheim have created thousands of jobs in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and throughout Germany, generated disruptive product and business model innovations, and are driving structural change in various markets. This does not come as a surprise since students at the University of Mannheim have the opportunity to engage with the topic of entrepreneurship in numerous curricular and extra-curricular events.

Apart from the very pleasing result for Uni Mannheim also the general findings of the report are illuminating: The upcoming economic challenges have a negative effect on the mood for startups and SMEs as well. Nevertheless, the startup sector still shows a significant degree of resilience. Most startups remain growth–orientated and plan to acquire new employees. Another positive development detected by the report is the rising share of female founders. Alongside with the rising interest in society ecological business models are on the rise. Persisting problems are the lack of qualified personal and difficulties in funding, shows the report.

For further questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Woywode.

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