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Founded by Tim Wegner & Alexander Müller
Founded in 2018
B2B Software as a Service
Located in Berlin
Alex studied Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim and cooperated with his non-profit association with the MCEI to organize edu{hacks}.

Startup Characteristics disrupts how companies operate. We offer a data-driven business process analysis and automation suite that brings AI into operative processes and enhances the existing legacy IT to compete with modern corporations. AI workers take over the manual work to help traditional corporations serve their customers with the speed and quality of modern customer service leaders like Amazon. The process automation suite guides business customers through their digital transition from manual process execution to a fully automated operational business. This transition is facilitated by the three products:

  • ."ai Workbench": offers data-driven process analytics, which automatically discovers process flows within corporations and identifies the automation potential in individual tasks.
  • ."ai Guide" assists the workforce to make the right decisions faster within the complex process jungle by providing the right information at the right time and by offering spot-on recommendations.
  • ."ai Worker" does the repetitive manual work and frees up the workforce’s time for important long-term tasks and strategic decisions that are crucial for the future of the business.

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