PMH - Product Management Haag GmbH
Founded by Dr. Albert Haag
Founded in 2018
Located in Bad Dürkheim
Albert has been enrolled as a senior student since HWS 2013 and has developed contacts to the MCEI

Startup Characteristics

PMH prides itself in providing simple but powerful solutions for working with very big data tables. We are developing a truly unique user experience for interacting with such tables and specialize in dealing with product variability in mass customization. Our leitmotif is to empower tables as a central mechanism for modelling and configuring product variants.

We combine features of an in-memory database with basic constraint processing (local propagation) in a unique way. We can compress enormous tables with millions of combinations of product features to an in-memory format and filter them with lightning speed. A maintenance environment that allows users to easily manage huge tables in compressed form is in development.

We offer our software both in the form of web-services and as native code that runs locally on devices of any size. Lightning performance, modularity, and the unique interaction with tables designed both as a smart app and to be integrated with existing spreadsheet programs distinguishes us from potential competitors.

PMH was started as a privately funded enterprise and so far remains so. Our team is still small, consisting of two early joiners and the founder, focussed on the core algorithms. We are actively seeking to complete our A-team, particularly with business and IP competence. We are also partnering with other companies to offer joint solutions.

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  • Institut für Mittelstandsforschung
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  • Baden-Württemberg - Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft
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