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Our Team (from left): Jascha Quintern, Norman Weisenburger, Martin Mueller, David Hoeffler, Michael Dell Our Team (from left): Jascha Quintern, Norman Weisenburger, Martin Mueller, David Hoeffler, Michael Dell
PulseShift GmbH
Founded by David Hoeffler, Martin Mueller, Michael Dell, Norman Weisenburger and Jascha Quintern
Founded in 2016
HR Tech/ Analytics/ Cloud Computing
Located in Mannheim
PulseShift is the 2017 MCEI Seed Award Winner. David, Michael and Norman are University of Mannheim Alumni.

We at PulseShift have decided to take on one of the biggest challenges companies face today: How to successfully implement change.

We all can feel how quickly the world around us is changing. Just think about all the technologies that weren’t around ten years ago that we couldn’t live without today. Now imagine how hard it is for companies to keep up with this incredible pace of change. Leaders must constantly transform their organizations to keep their competitive edge. Yet, this can only be successful if employees embrace the transformation without resisting it. But as a leader – how can you know how employees are going to react to necessary changes? How do you deal with emerging resistance? How do attune your actions to the pulse of your organization? This is exactly where PulseShift comes in.

Our secret: We make the most important factor in successful change projects manageable – support from employees and leaders. Our technology is based on a combination of highly automated, light-weight employee surveys, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics capabilities. With our platform we create an unprecedented level of transparency regarding the needs, wants and thoughts of employees and their reactions to any actions by the company’s leadership (e.g. communications, reorganizations, process changes, M&A, etc.).

Armed with these insights, leaders can gauge the success or failure of individual actions very quickly and proactively make changes to the program to address emerging issues. Companies that successfully use such an agile approach can dramatically boost their chances of success from 30% to as much as 80%. And don’t take it from us – McKinsey & Co. has advocated such an approach for years but the lack of tool support has made its application very hard and costly.

We are not “yet another survey tool” – our transformation focus and analytical functions set us apart from traditional survey vendors: PulseShift is designed to make it really easy for project teams to embed our solution in a transformation project without adding significant overhead or costs or requiring special skills. Also, because of our clear focus on data-driven transformation management, we offer unique functionality specifically needed for analyzing change as it unfolds and in real-time. Lastly, we are at heart a Big Data company so we use a lot of Machine Learning to automatically assist leaders to make sense from the data we are collecting for them. Thus, with our platform running transformation projects in such an agile, data-driven fashion becomes easy and cost-efficient for the very first time.

So who’s behind PulseShift? We are five seasoned ex-SAP guys with backgrounds in consulting and development. We spent most of our professional lives before PulseShift dealing with People Analytics, Cloud Engineering and Big Data topics. And we enjoy the support of our two highly experienced mentors who are senior executives at some of the most successful German companies.

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