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RiotCreations GmbH
Founded by Sebastian Veit and Ian M. Schomber
Founded in 2008
Terminated in 2011
Located in Mannheim
Co-founder Sebastian Veit is a Mannheim Business School Alumnus. Ian M. Schomber was a guest lecturer at the University of Mannheim.

RiotCreations is a T-Shirt fashion label, which is based on a social-commerce platform and produces all its T-Shirts under fair and ecological conditions. The designs of RiotCreations are created by its community members, professional designers and t-shirt lovers, who are also responsible for the selection of items for RiotCreations collections. The basic idea of the company is a brand-new kind of fashion label. On the one hand the company concentrates on high-quality designs that integrate innovative designs and individual customer requirements, on the other hand it focuses on ecological and fair production. Briefly, RiotCreations combines good looks with a good conscious. The Gründerverbund (Founder Network) accelerated RiotCreations’ launch by providing educational seminars, advice in the development of a business plan and financial support.

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  • University of Mannheim
  • Institut für Mittelstandsforschung
  • Gründerverbund
  • ESF
  • Europäische Union
  • Baden-Württemberg - Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft
  • Absolventum