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Startup of the Month November: von Jungfeld

Startup of the Month November: von Jungfeld

Despite of being just a few months old. this months nominee has already managed to become quite famous. "Von Jungfeld"  is a Mannheim-based fashion startup that produces a collection of noticeable high-quality men's socks. Almost as colourful as their products is their offbeat and eye-catching marketing style (who doesn't know the amazing photo of the barkeeper of the local bar "Hagestolz", who is sitting on a sofa with a checkered tweed jacket and orange socks?), which earned them the local Existenzgründerpreis on October 3 . Congratulations to the Stilfaser GmbH for this great sucess and growing their business so impressively!

Uniting style and a social conscience

"von Jungfeld" is not only committed to high product quality, they also set value on socially acceptable production conditions. Therefore, they manifacture their products completely in Germany in order to be able to control the working conditions of their producers and to guarantee certain standards. For them, responsibility is not a sales pitch but a matter of personal beliefs and attitudes.

A range of creative business development ideas

As they keep stressing, they still have a lot of different ideas to expand their product range and their marketing strategy. For example, in future "von Jungfeld" might develop a product range for females or a collection of ties. They also might try to sell their socks at special vending machines or to foster young musicians who in return will promote their products and give them merchandising rights or the like. Whatever happens, it surely will be exciting to see what von Jungfeld's  future will bring!

To find out more more about "von Jungfeld", please visit their homepage

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