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Synchronite GmbH
Founded by Dr. Christian Thum and Dr. Stefan Seedorf
Founded in 2012
Exit in 2014 to LivePerson
Cloud Computing
Located in Mannheim
Both founders are University of Mannheim alumni. Synchronite has been MCEI Startup of the Month.

Synchronite GmbH offers innovative customer service solutions. Dr. Christian Thum and Dr. Stefan Seedorf founded the Mannheim based start-up and try to simplify communication processes in e-commerce. Currently, the online customer advisory service is not able to keep up with a face-to-face customer service. This is due to the fact that on-site consultants enjoy some advantages that e-commerce advisors cannot make use of: They can show the actual products to customers and assist in filling out complicated forms.

Synchronite enables potential customers and their correspondent consultants to communicate over the phone or a live-chat while at the same time browsing an online store. The two of them share the same view in the web browser and can discuss arising questions much easier than before. This helps to create a positive customer experience and increase the conversion rate of the online store. In contrast to existing solutions for "Co-browsing" and "Screen-sharing", Synchronite can be used instantly without installing any additional software. Due to the fact that the technology functions in all major browsers and independently of the mobile end device, Synchronite can be used on all tablet and mobile devices.

The peculiar thing about Synchronite is the innovative web technology. The idea for this technology came from Christian Thum, when he was still working as a student in a Mannheim-based Consultancy. In spring 2012, Thum and Seedorf founded the business while doing their PhD in Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim. They were the winners of the Entrepreneurship Prize 2012 and were therefore able to present their technological solution at the CeBIT. Synchronite is already successfully being used in the customer support division of various online portals and in market research.


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