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Travel U

Travel U
Travel U
Founded by Edgar Regalado, Han Gao, Xiaoxi Liu, Seyma Özyurt & Dominik Fiebig
Started as a student startup project for the MAN 631 Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Practice course during Fall 2018
Travel Industry
Located in Mannheim
The Travel U concept has been developed within the MAN 631 Creativity and Entrepreneurship course during Fall 2018. The team firstly presented the startup during the Pitch Battle.

Startup Characteristics

There are 1.3 billion travelers every year who undoubtedly bring a billionaire amount of money to the travel industry. However, most of these travelers are facing a big problem: They spend an overwhelming amount of time planning their trips. The solution proposed by Travel U are fully automated and customizable travel plans to significantly reduce this planning time. The algorithm behind the creation of the plan takes into account the differences in the preferences of every individual traveler. The solution comes in the form of an app-based travel guide, which not only contains information about the places and suggestions, but also directions for the traveler on how to get to the places and an interactive map with the most efficient daily route. Travel U will monetizes its service via different forms of In-App and On-Site marketing such as affiliate marketing or Google AdSense.

Travel U is composed of five students from four different nationalities and backgrounds. The combined cultural knowledge gives the Team of Travel U a competitive advantage over other businesses in the travel industry. The Beta Phase for Travel U will start in Mannheim and will roll out via Germany`s five most visited cities onto Europes Top 10 tourism cities. A major challenge for Travel U will be to obtain reliable and trustworthy information on restaurants, hotels, activies for each of these cities. Currently, the team is working on a data purchase solution with Google.

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