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This section provides an overview of the success stories connected to the MCEI and/or the University of Mannheim. We at MCEI are working hard to make this list as complete as possible but we are still missing out on many startups and companies. If you have further suggestions of companies we should include, please let us know.


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After winning the MCEI Seed Award in February MIRABESQUE incorporated as a GmbH in May and is now located in GIG7 – one of the Startup Mannheim founding centers. They created a whole new online store ( and have broadened their portfolio intensely to all relevant dance styles. In cooperation with the MCEI course MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit MIRABESQUE has…
This press release was translated from its offical version in German. Please find the original PDF further down.    Fight against hackers - Automated crash test for websites attracts investors Checking web applications for security holes costs developers a lot of work, time and money. The four founders from Munich, Felix Brombacher, Janosch Maier, René Milzarek and Daniel Schosser have…
Dahl & Wiesner GbR Founded by Yannick Wiesner and Cedric Dahl Founded in 2017 App Located in Solingen Co-founder Cedric Dahl studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim. Envote joined our course MAN633 - Entrepreneurial Spirit in Fall 2017. The team was active at the Startup Lounge and featured among the best three student startup from the fall…
Crashtest Security GmbH Founded by Janosch Maier, René Milzarek, Daniel Schlosser and Felix Brombacher Founded in 2017 IT Security (ICT) Located in Munich Co-founder Felix Brombacher studied Master in Management at University of Mannheim. Crashtest Security took part in Q-Summit 2017. 1. Characteristics of your startup The Crashtest Security Suite is a fully automated black-box penetration testing tool, which…
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