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This section provides an overview of the success stories connected to the MCEI and/or the University of Mannheim. We at MCEI are working hard to make this list as complete as possible but we are still missing out on many startups and companies. If you have further suggestions of companies we should include, please let us know.


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tommoko Crowdfunding UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Founded by Andrew Isaak and Johannes Fauser Founded in 2011 Terminated in 2012 crowfunding platform Located in Mannheim Co-founder Andrew Isaak is a Research Associate at the Institute for SME Research and Entrepreneurship from the University of Mannheim Startup Characteristics  Tommoko is a crowdfunding platform for young researchers and academics in the german (DACH) and english-speaking…
Camelot Management Consultants AG Founded by Dr. Josef Packowski Founded in 1996 Management Consulting Located in Mannheim Dr. Josef Packowski studied at the University of Mannheim. He is part the University of Mannheim´s ABSOLVENTUM program. In 2011, Camelot founded the CAMELOT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Junior Professorship for Supply Chain Management for the University of Mannheim Faculty of Business Economics. Startup…
Leaf Systems GmbH Founded by Shenwei Ye, Patrick Neulinger and Patrick Marksteiner Founded in 2013 Software Located in Mannheim The founders are University of Mannheim Alumni. Both Patrick Marksteiner and Patrick Neulinger studied Business Economics. Shenwei Ye studied Business Informatics. Leaf Systems has been active at the Startup Lounge. They received consulting from MCEI, as well as a provisional…
ADTELLIGENCE has just been announced as a Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum and thus been recognized for its potential to influence and shape future businesses and societies. ADTELLIGENCE is the only German company that passed the application process and stood up to the high demands of the Technology Pioneers requirements. ADTELLIGENCE is a fast-growing, innovative company that has…
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