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Success Stories

This section provides an overview of the success stories connected to the MCEI and/or the University of Mannheim. We at MCEI are working hard to make this list as complete as possible but we are still missing out on many startups and companies. If you have further suggestions of companies we should include, please let us know.


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Startup of the Month
Synchronite GmbH Founded by Dr. Christian Thum and Dr. Stefan Seedorf Founded in 2012 Exit in 2014 to LivePerson Cloud Computing Located in Mannheim Both founders are University of Mannheim alumni. Synchronite has been MCEI Startup of the Month. Synchronite GmbH offers innovative customer service solutions. Dr. Christian Thum and Dr. Stefan Seedorf founded the Mannheim based start-up and…
Movilitas Consulting GmbH Founded by Jörg Bernauer, Oliver Lesche and Alberto Zamora Founded in 2006 Movilitas was acquired by Honeywell in 2016. SAP Consulting Located in Mannheim Movilitas received consulting from MCEI Three former SAP employees jointly established Movilitas in 2006 in Mannheim. Each one of the three founders had more than four years of experience in the department…
RiotCreations GmbH Founded by Sebastian Veit and Ian M. Schomber Founded in 2008 Terminated in 2011 Fashion Located in Mannheim Co-founder Sebastian Veit is a Mannheim Business School Alumnus. Ian M. Schomber was a guest lecturer at the University of Mannheim. RiotCreations is a T-Shirt fashion label, which is based on a social-commerce platform and produces all its T-Shirts under…
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