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This section provides an overview of the success stories connected to the MCEI and/or the University of Mannheim. We at MCEI are working hard to make this list as complete as possible but we are still missing out on many startups and companies. If you have further suggestions of companies we should include, please let us know.


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Startup of the Month
Earprint Audio Founded by Vicco Veigel & Johan Råberg Founded in 2018 Consumer Electronics Located in Stuttgart Vicco studied Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Mannheim. Startup Characteristics Today, a vast majority of consumers use earphones on a daily basis. However, most people use cheap, uncomfortable earphones that fail to satisfy the increased demand for improved sound quality,…
BeeSonix Founded by Mark Kirn, Alexander Kowollik, Timo Häcker & Birk Schweppe Founded in 2018 App for Digital Mobility, Public Transport Located in Stuttgart Alexander and Timo are both studying Economics at the University of Mannheim. Startup Characteristics Complicated tariffs and old ticket vending machines are not only a problem for today’s passengers of public transport. The offline world of…
Aviatoo Founded by David Minkovski Founded in 2016 IT Services Located in Cologne David is an alumnus of the University of Mannheim. He was part of the first Startup Lounge of MCEI, and had since revisted us for Startup Lounge #50.  Startup Characteristics Aviatoo initially started as an equity investment company and has since developed into an IT service…
Robo Retail GmbH Founded by Nicolas Weik and Brian Kamp Founded in 2016 Smart stores, fully-automated vending and promotion of all types of products regardless of their size and shape Located in Mannheim Nicolas Weik and Brian Kamp are both alumni of the University of Mannheim. Startup Characteristics We build fully automated warehouse solutions for the digital-out-of-home, consumer goods…
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