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Welcome to the Chair of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship!

In this section of MCEI you can find all information on Entrepreneurship teaching activites offered by the Chair of Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises and Entrepreneurship of the University of Mannheim. If you are looking for information on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises go to the webpage of the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (ifm) of the University of Mannheim.


We offer several courses on Entrepreneurship each semester on Bachelor and Master level as well as the possibility to write your Thesis with us. Below you can find an overview over all our courses.

Please note:

  • Light grey courses are more traditional. You can expect a lecture and a final exam.
  • Dark grey courses are more hands on. You can expect projects and team work. 
  • MAN 635 and MAN 636 are electives and do not qualifiy as prerequisits for your Master's Thesis.




Bachelor | Undergraduate

Bachelor | Undergraduate

Master | Graduate

Master | Graduate
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Course Syllabus Founders and co-founders of startups such as Amorelie, contagt, Coffee Circle, Leaf Systems, Stocard and many others are students or alumni of the University of Mannheim. They all are examples of successful entrepreneurs, who have pursued new business opportunities in an innovative and path-breaking way. This course is about gaining a general understanding of entrepreneurship and its underlying…
Course Syllabus Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Practice introduces students to the more practical elements of innovation and entrepreneurship. In this class, you will design your own product or service and ideally have an early stage startup by the end of the term. You will also reach out to potential customers and provide a pitch presentation in front of investors and an…
Course Syllabus The title image of this Course Syllabus says it all... This course is about making things happen! You do not think inside the box and love working on challenging projects? Next to studying, you are eager to apply your knowledge in the real world and learn from startup teams on the project? You like new ideas and love…
Course Syllabus This seminar briefly summarizes the evolution of social entrepreneurship as a method of organizing change: the application of entrepreneurial theory to the founding of non-profit and for-profit organizations, which seek to build 'social capital'. Given political and economic uncertainty, the anticipated exit from nuclear energy sources in an era of scarce resources on the one hand and the…
Description: The course focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for developing a new global business. 'High tech’ and 'low cost’, or frugal innovative start-ups are compared and contrasted as potential solutions to the global unemployment crisis taking business cycles, cultural contexts and levels of development into account. Models of managing international change are the basis.   Learning Objectives: Internalizing…
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