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Guest Speaker Björn Lasse Herrmann in MAN 632

Guest Speaker Björn Lasse Herrmann in MAN 632

Spontaneously and in the context of visiting Mannheim to give a talk at the Mannheim Forum 2013, former Mannheim student Björn Lasse Herrmann visited our lecture today and shared his more than 4 year-long experience as (serial) entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley.

Even in Silicon Valley, not all new businesses are successful. Bjoern Lasse Herrmann therefore developed a start-up compass that predicts founders whether their projects fail or take-off. Björn says that the Silicon Valley is simply the place where you learn the most about how a high-tech company is started and leveraged successfully. There are other interesting ecosystems, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Moscow, London or New York, but in Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs still maker ​​the most of the resources available and there is an agglomoration of highest talent, Björn says. Whether Mannheim advances as place to be is up to you, your ideas and initiatives.


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