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Students impressed by BallPod Guest Lecture

Students impressed by BallPod Guest Lecture

In last week’s MAN 632 ‚Advanced Entrepreneurship’ lecture, the young entrepreneur Dr. Michael Hoeck held an impressing lecture about his newly founded venture. Together with his friend and photo-enthusiast Christian, he founded a company called BallPod in March 2012. The start-up is specialized on the development of innovative pods for photo cameras, video cameras and smartphones.

The advantages of the BallPod are that it fits on almost any ground, shots are shake proof and the set up oft he pod itself is surprisingly easy. The company will start selling its product in the German market in July.

Students were able to touch and use the product themselves during the lecture and had a wide variety of questions once the talk had finished.  They were especially interested in Michael’s personal background as a strategy consultant and his own incentives and experiences in entrepreneurship. Further, students wanted to learn about the different processes and steps BallPod had to successfully complete to arrive at its current stage.

We thank Michael for his visit to Mannheim and the MCEI and are keen to witness BallPod’s success in the upcoming months.

Check out the company’s website for further information:

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