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Here in the graduate section of MCEI you can find all information about graduate classes, the Research Seminar (MAN 770), the Master's Colloquium, and the Master's Thesis organized by the chair of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship.

On Thursday, September 19, ADTELLIGENCE provided a great example of innovation and growing the business in the context of our MAN 630 lecture series. Subsequent to our theory section, the talk put theory on Shumpeterian and Kirznerian views, how economists, and how organizational scientists approach entrepreneurship into perspective. We thank Cynthia Raina and Rositsa Zaimova of ADTELLIGENCE for coming to class and sharing so many…
Tomorrow (September 19), ADTELLIGENCE will talk about innovation and growing the business in the context of our MAN 630 lecture series. The event is open to public and will most likely cover about the last 30 minutes of the lecture (B4) from 14:45-15.15. The venue is SN169 and everybody being interested in entrepreneurship is kindly invited to join. With a bit…
Want to know more about Social Entrepreneurship and why and how to become a social entrepreneur? Attend Sebastian's talk on Social Entrepreneurship. The event is open to public and registration via the MCEI pages is kindly requested. On September 26 (15.45, A5,6 C015) , 2013 Sebastian Gluschak, one of the two founders of KANCHA, will hold a guest lecture about social entrepreneurship and…
In the opening session of our lecture series MAN630 Introduction to Entrepreneurship, contagt co-founder Johannes Britsch provided a real-life example of a University of Mannheim (student) entrepreneur. The theoretical content of the first session dealt with what actually constitutes an entrepreneur and what entrepreneurs do. Is it all about their psychological profile and character traits? Johannes provided great insights into…
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