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Here in the graduate section of MCEI you can find all information about graduate classes, the Research Seminar (MAN 770), the Master's Colloquium, and the Master's Thesis organized by the chair of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship.

Spontaneously and in the context of visiting Mannheim to give a talk at the Mannheim Forum 2013, former Mannheim student Björn Lasse Herrmann visited our lecture today and shared his more than 4 year-long experience as (serial) entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. Even in Silicon Valley, not all new businesses are successful. Bjoern Lasse Herrmann therefore developed a start-up compass…
All our master thesis candidates have to attend our Master’s Colloquium. Next to attendance, all students writing their Master thesis are obliged to present their research at or post proposal stage. The presentation should take place during the first half of the Master thesis processing time (latest 2 months after registration) in the Master’s Colloquium. Your presentation should be a…
Students who would like to write their Master Thesis at the chair of Prof. Dr. Woywode must have completed at least one qualifying course (either MAN 630, 631, 632 or 633) and Research Seminar MAN 770. The purpose of the research seminar is to introduce students to academic research, scientific writing, and to current research areas at the MCEI and…
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