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MAN 450 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Model Design (Spring 2018)

MAN 450 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Model Design (Spring 2018) Thanks to

Please note: This term, this course is neither coordinated nor instructed by the MCEI Team but by affiliated lecturers at the Institute for SME Research (see instructors section below). Please contact the instructors or the secretariat's office in case of further questions on content, admission or course outline.


Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Model Design teaches students to translate innovations and business ideas into business models. MAN 450 introduces students to generation and management of innovate enterprise activity across multiple contexts along with the exploration of students' own entrepreneurial potential. This course focuses on two main themes: I. management of idea & innovation processes and II. implementation of innovative ideas in the marketplace using a rigorous financial plan. Special focus is given to start-ups in a digital world.

Students will:
I. Learn to generate and manage an idea & innovation using professional thinking tools.
II. Develop a rigorous business plan for a start-up project.
III. Present and defend the concept of their start up project in front of a professional jury.



I .Written assignment: start-up business plan (8 Pages + Appendix)
II. Presentation of a start-up business plan in front of a professional jury (Powerpoint)

Each group will eventually structure itself into the following roles:
(1) project manager and communicator
(2) expert for the idea and its realization/production
(3) market research and marketing & sales expert
(4) financial manager
(5) quality manager
All groups will be assigned by the chair.



AkadR Dr. Jan-Philipp Ahrens

Dr. Dennis Steininger


Course Sectretary:

Gabriele Schleicher, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Application (mandatory):

Course capacity is strictly limited as the format involves groupwork. Students need to apply for this course by sending CV (1page), motivation letter (1page), and transcript of grades to the course secretary, and by registrating themselves for the course in Portal2 (open from 01.02.-14.02.).

Application deadline: 14.02. There are no exceptions to the deadline.


Attendance (mandatory):

All students are required to attend all classes (exceptions are made for student that provide a medical certificate or have an exam).



Spring semester.



EW 145.



16.02, 08:30-13:30: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship in a Digital World, Creativity Techniques & Innovation Management, Strategic Market Analysis.
23.02, 08:30-13:30: Business Modeling; Creating a Business Plan & Financial Planning.
02.03, 08:30-13:30: Exercise class (optional).
18.05, 08:30-13:30: Pitch presentations of groups.
28.05, until 11.59am: Handing in of printed versions + CD of the business plans at the office of the chair (Ms. Schleicher, L9, 1-2, first floor, room 111).


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