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Startup Lounge #93 - Noralia

Startup Lounge #93 - Noralia

We are excited to welcome MARS – Mannheim Runway for Startups from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences as our co-feature partner for our next Startup Lounge. We will be welcoming Noralia to present their Startup!

Activity and variety are indispensable for the satisfaction of horses, but this becomes a challenge when horses need to stand still for an extended period of time. For this purpose, Noralia would like to develop a licking mass, which, unlike previous products, is not based on sugar. Honey and sugar cane molasses are rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. In combination with herbs, they serve as a healthy alternative to conventional licking masses based on sugar. Therefore, Noralia ensures, not only the satisfaction of the horses, but also the supply of important ingredients. With honey and molasses as the basis for a licking mass there are a few challenges Noralia has to face. These challenges are currently being solved by them with different experiments. Their goal is a solid and homogeneous mass with a minimum of heat treatment in order not to damage the positive ingredients.

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