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Startup Sparring

Startup Sparring


Take your startup to the next level!

MCEI Startup Sparring to help you advance your startup

The MCEI Startup Sparring program connects you as an aspiring student or alumni founder with experienced entrepreneurs. They can coach you on your particular problem, provide access to their network and give you insights into their path as a founder. Thus they can help the next startup generation to advance in their journey towards growth. Your individual personal development as a founder is also a big part of the program.

Whether you are a student entrepreneur or an alumnus of the University of Mannheim starting your business, you should not miss out on this great opportunity. Our MCEI Startup Sparring aims at providing you with the support you need for your concrete startup challenge. It is intended to be to the point to aid you with a specific problem you are currently facing. Of course, you are encouraged to stay in touch with your sparring partner after you resolved the issue at hand and actively engage in the startup community.

Apply now with your current investor pitchdeck and a one-pager, describing your problem at hand and how you expect your desired sparring partner to help you. Send the documents together with your contact info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We will then check your application and provide you with some feedback. When everything fits, we will introduce you to your sparring partner at which point you send your pitchdeck and one-pager to them and they will reach out to you afterwards. 

This program is designed to the point where you can target a specific current challenge you are facing with an experienced entrepreneur. How exactly you are going to be in contact is up to you and your sparring partner. It can be email, skype, or also in person. Remember, that not all our sparring parter are located in the Rhine-Neckar region. Once the challenge is resolved, we consider the sparring partnership to be officially over and would like feedback from you. But it does not mean, that you cannot stay in touch with your sparring partner and, of course, you should. Should you desire a more general mentoring to get access and insights into the startup community without your own startup and challenge, you should opt for the mentoring program of our partner Absolventum Mannheim.


Established and experienced startup alumni are invited to become a sparring partner of the MCEI Startup Sparring program and pass on their know-how and experience to the next generation of young founders. Participating sparring partners should have expertise in following fields:

  • Business Model Development / Business Modell Canvas
  • Customer Development
  • Lean Startup
  • Design Thinking
  • Venture Capital / Financing

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