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Startup Lounge #94 - Mentalport

Startup Lounge #94 - Mentalport

It’s our favorite time of the month again! This month’s Startup Lounge presents mentalport.

mentalport wants to ensure the availability of psychological help below the therapy level. Especially, students who can not go to professional help with their psychological problems are left alone. This is mainly due to time, costs and stigmatization as well as the fact that the severity of the problem is often too low to make clinical treatment available.

For this purpose, mentalport is planning a three-level offering based on a thorough analysis of a user's mental health state. It consists of AI-generated, individualized guidelines with exercises for psychological self-help (level 1), chat communication with mentalport (lv. 2) as well as personal 1:1 counseling in virtual rooms that can be entered with avatars (lv. 3).

Altogether through the combination of its features, the mentalport app-platform enables a new mental health lifestyle to its target group of students.

This Startup Lounge happening at the end of April is just right on time to celebrate the Mental Health Awareness month in May.

Furthermore, we are excited to share our NEW STARTUP LOUNGE LOCATION with you, which is Agata Café in Lindenhof!

Don’t miss the chance to join and sign up via Eventbrite now!

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