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Startup Lounge #98 - Maecenarte x MARCIE

Startup Lounge #98 - Maecenarte x MARCIE

We are honored to welcome you to our next Startup Lounge with Maecenarte. This Startup Lounge is sponsored by the Startup Mateo and the MARCIE - Mannheim Research Group in Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MARCIE). 

The speaker for this Startup Lounge will be Mattia and Pasquale from Maecenarte. Maecenarte is building the first social network for contemporary art that brings together fine artists and art obsessed. They facilitate new ways to interact with art: They take the complication out of art understanding, helping with self-expression, connection, and discussion. Their creative bidding model makes collecting art accessible to all and ensures that artists can spread their art in more people's lives. Their vision is to elevate human consciousness through the power of art.

We will be looking forward to good conversations and some drinks at AGATA Cafe. Just stop by. Spontaneous visitors are absolutely welcome and there is no reservations required.

When? 11 October, 7.30 - 10 pm

Where? Café Agata, Julius-Hatry-Straße 1, Mafinex B

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