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Campusjäger GmbH
Founded by Jannik Keller, Martin Trenkle and Matthias Geis
Founded in 2013
Headhunting service for students
Located in Karlsruhe
Campusjäger was part of the Junior-Accelerator Baden-Württemberg 2014 and received consulting from MCEI.

What is Campusjaeger?

Campusjaeger is a fast growing startup located in the centre of Karlsruhe, Germany. Until now we are a team of 25 highly motivated people with the vision to make the application process for both sides - candidates and recruiters - easier and faster than it ever was before. How did that start? Three years ago, in October 2013, Martin and Jannik decided to start their own business. To get going, they had to rent out their rooms through Airbnb, while they themselves shared the remaining room for sleeping and working. It took only three months until Campusjaeger, which in the meantime expanded their founders team with Matthias, had their first business related success, as the first candidate has been employed.


So, what’s our vision?

We are a professional service from students for students with the mission to finally make recruiting easy both ways. The idea started with the vision to find for every student a job - but well, it’s not hard to see that this is far away from reality.

The founders stayed on track, specifying their idea and won several awards and prices by presenting it in front of highly-qualified juries, like the jury of the program “Junior Accelerator” in Mannheim. Today we are a multifunctional recruiting platform and carefree-service for students and recruiters. You don’t know what that means exactly? Just keep going, you’ll find out in the next section ;)


How does our concept work?

In general, our online platform is based on a self-developed matching algorithm, which detects perfect fitting candidates and matches them automatically to advertised vacancies on our platform. That’s how recruiters get a carefully selected range of candidates, who already have the potential and right qualifications for the job, instead of wasting a lot of precious time in selecting them manually. Meanwhile, candidates escape the tedious procedure of finding a fitting vacancy and job. It works both ways.

So, for recruiters, Campusjaeger is elementary a pre-recruiting-service. We pick out the perfect candidates for them and organise the whole pre-applying-procedures like skype, phone and in-person interviews, as well as we transfer all the important information the involved parties need to know about in the whole process. We take care of all those tiny working steps which waste the recruiter’s time. The best thing about it? You only have to pay for our services by the time you employed one of the candidates we suggested. But don’t worry, we are way under the prices of our competitors - why? Because we want to give you a service which is nowhere else to be found. With us, the recruiting process gets lean and the applying process for jobs is simpler than anywhere else. Just try our specified recruiting concept yourself.

For students, we offer the perfect solution avoiding all the formatting and personalising effort of résumés and cover letters. Candidates can upload their testimonials and certificates directly to our platform and import the information of their current curriculum vitae easily from LinkedIn or XING. Afterwards, they just have to create a search profile by submitting their expectations towards the new job and their skill set. Done. Now Campusjaeger automatically proposes and supplies fitting vacancies to the candidates, so they don’t have to search actively for suitable positions.

What once took a candidate an hour or more to apply for the “right” job, now takes half an hour max. Once all your proofs and certificates are uploaded, applying is just one click on a button and writing three sentences for your motivation. That’s it! It doesn’t seem just easy - it really is. Check out our platform and register for free!


What’s the difference to all the other job portals?

To sum it up: we are not a job market, we are much more a combined platform providing an exclusive service to both, employers and job seekers. Campusjaeger is a helpful partner and carefree service during the whole applying process and this counts, as our mission tends to be, for both sides - students and recruiters. Our team organises all the time-wasting organizational work and trouble behind the application process and this so efficiently that you don’t need to worry about a thing. Furthermore, we give both sides the opportunity to make finding employment and looking for the perfect fitting employee go smoothly, lean and more straightforward.

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  • University of Mannheim
  • Institut für Mittelstandsforschung
  • Gründerverbund
  • ESF
  • Europäische Union
  • Baden-Württemberg - Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft
  • Absolventum