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licobo GmbH
Founded by David Amann and Felix Kollmar
Founded in 2014
Cloud Services
Located in Mannheim
CloudRail is one of our partners for our Mentoring Program with ABSOLVENTUM. The company received student consulting from INTEGRA. We awarded CloudRail the Startup of the Month Award in April 2015.

Have you ever heard of CloudRail? If you are not a developer, you probably did not. Nevertheless it is very likely that you have used the startup’s technology without even knowing. CloudRail is the company behind many 3rd party integrations in smartphone apps and other software. These can be for example functions to log-in with a social network like ‘Log-in with Facebook or Twitter’ or connectors to cloud storage providers like Dropbox. A lot of these connections between an app and a SaaS offering are powered by CloudRail. The company which is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany and with an office in San Francisco, CA, recently announced the huge milestone of 50 million used integrations.


“We are proud that our technology enables so many apps and cloud services to be compatible”, says Felix Kollmar, founder and CEO of CloudRail. “50 million used integrations is a huge success for our startup and we are happy that so many users were able to enjoy truly connected apps thanks to CloudRail”. The CloudRail technology significantly simplifies the integration of 3rd party services via APIs into an application. Usually these services need to be integrated one by one via totally different APIs, which is a very time consuming task and the reason why so many developers don’t do it or just for a small number of services. “The connected world or the Internet of Everything is usually not more than a vision. It is time that software developers get the right tools to let their apps talk to any cloud service or smart device”, Felix says.

Felix Kollmar (Co-Founder & CEO)


CloudRail bundles multiple APIs into a so called universal API. So instead of integrating services one by one, developers get a single interface to integrate them all. For example, rather than implementing the Facebook API, Twitter API and Instagram API, a developer would just use the CloudRail Unified Social API to access all of them. Moreover, the startup cares about API changes and guarantees integrations which will never break. This is how CloudRail removes the barrier of API integrations for software developers and enables a more connected world. So if you have ever been happy that the app you use is compatible to all your cloud services, it is probably thanks to the CloudRail team.

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