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Foodspring acquired by Mars

Foodspring acquired by Mars foodspring

Foodspring has a new owner: Just recently Mars Edge acquired shares to now hold a majority of the footbrand startup. Mars Edge is a subsidiary of the well-known multination Mars Inc. The price of the transaction was not made public but Foodspring already had some double digit funding in the past that only lead to minor shares. Foodspring will stay independent as brand and company and its founders stay in full command of the company´s fortune.

Foodspring was founded in 2013 by Philipp Schrempp and Tobias Schüle. Co-founder Tobias Schüle is a University of Mannheim Alumnus. He has been active at the Founder Talk and at the Startup Lounge. Today the company is based in Berlin. While targeting also other customer groups Foodsprings main clients are still athletes aiming at a healthy and sustainable nutrition.

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