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Startup Lounge #39 - Freachly

Startup Lounge #39 - Freachly

The Startup Lounge is your place to get inspired to create something new, to discuss great ideas while hanging out with cool people and to meet startups, students and creative minds in a laid-back atmosphere. Join us if you are into startups and want to build a network in the Rhein-Neckar area.

Speaker: Dominik of Freachly


About Freachly:

Freachly makes influencer marketing accessible and affordable to local businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail stores.

We connect local businesses with local social media influencers on our powerful Freachly-Map: influencers (>1,000 followers) find thousands of attractive deals in their surrounding, e.g. generous invitations to restaurants and hotels, free cocktails or free fashion items. The influencers enjoy their experience at the Freachly partner and share their visit on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Blogs.

As local influencers have local followers, the local business reaches its target group (tens of thousands of people in its vicinity) effectively. As followers do what influencers do, the local product placement converts followers into new customers. Notably, such posts are very authentic because the influencers just post about their daily life experience - exactly what they are already doing!

Without Freachly, hiring an influencer is a time-consuming process (influencer search, offer negotiation, monitoring etc), leading to substantial entry barriers. Freachly automises every single step.

Freachly changes the world of millions of local businesses by providing them access to authentic and impactful influencer marketing at very low costs.

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