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Mannheim Entrepreneurship Summer School - Perspectives on Entrepreneurship

Mannheim Entrepreneurship Summer School - Perspectives on Entrepreneurship

Each year, the business faculty (Business School) at the University of Mannheim offers a summer school program for international young scholars. We are very pleased to support the summer school initiative with the module Perspectives on Entrepreneurship this year. So far, there are more than 20 students with a highly international background and from various disciplines coming to Mannheim to join the entrepreneurship module. The program module 3 lasts from July 7 - July 16. Lecturer will be Jan Zybura. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Mannheim and a great experience!


From a scholarly view, there are many definitions of entrepreneurship. In this module, we will start with a brief overview of prominent theoretical perspectives. What is more, we will address fundamental questions such as: Why do people start businesses? What characteristics does the typical entrepreneur possess and need? Is there “the” typical entrepreneur after all? What is the role of institutional settings in starting a business? How do entrepreneurs finance their start-up? What is the role of networks for launching and running new businesses? These questions touch upon several perspectives on entrepreneurship that will be discussed in class and are enriched by specific topics of focus. What is more, we will apply knowledge in a case study setting (2 sessions) and follow an applied approach to complement the theory conveyed during the lectures. The class will be interactive and encourage you to share your ideas and experience at all points. The module is a theory class ad not a "How to..." class.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this module, students will be
• able to form their own definition of entrepreneurship
• familiar with fundamental concepts and perspectives in theoretical and practical entrepreneurial mechanisms
• acquainted with case study training to foster their problem-based learning (PBL) skills
• enabled to leverage their newly acquired knowledge to the benefit of their own entrepreneurial endeavours in new or existing firms


The module is supported by excursions and events organized by the Business School.


About the Summer School Program at the University of Mannheim

The Summer School takes place yearly from end of June until mid-July. It is divided into 3 modules which take place one after another. You can apply for any combination of modules. During this time you will have a deep insight into our campus, Germany`s and Europe`s culture as well as into companies within the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, where Mannheim is located. The program will be completely held in English. You will be granted 4 ECTS credit points for the successful completion of each module.

This year's program

23 June - 02 July 2013: Module 1 "Understanding the German Economy"
30 June - 09 July 2013: Module 2 "Leadership and Sustainability in a Globalized World"
07 July - 16 July 2013: Module 3 "Perspectives on Entrepreneurship"

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