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Founders League on September 13 live from Palazzo Mannheim!

Founders League on September 13 live from Palazzo Mannheim! Adintelligence

The Founders League comes to Mannheim!

The Founders Show by and for start-ups celebrates a "home game" at the Palazzo. 600 guests, five start-ups, three-minute pitches, a top-class jury... All this in the inimitable ambience of Mannheim's Palazzo. The Founders League, which last flooded the MEWA Arena in Mainz with founder spirit, is coming to Mannheim. And with it the best that the Mannheim start-up scene has to offer. Nothing less than a true spectacle is expected on September 13. "So far we have delivered a show, now we are offering entertainment," promises Julian Rauch, CEO of Founders League. "We are catapulting Founders League to the next level," proclaims Johannes Kliesch. And where better to do that than in the hometown of the successful entrepreneur who has launched a million-dollar brand with Snocks? In the glamorous ambience of the Spiegelpalast of the Mannheim Palazzo - where acrobatics and dance productions are usually marveled at - five start-ups will compete against each other with their founding ideas on Wednesday, September 13, in order to inspire both the audience and the jury. Accompanied by 600 invited guests - including well-known influencers and top-class investors - Johannes Kliesch and Marcus Diekmann will present celebrities such as the jewelry multi-talent and Purelei founder Alisa Jahnke, the sneaker guru and Vaditim founder Stepan Timoschin, as well as the celebrity entrepreneur Sally Özcan, founder of Sallys Welt, on the stage.

CEO Julian Rauch on the preparation time: "We had three months to turn the show from left to right".

Founders League - launched in April 2022 with the aim of helping young founders in the first strenuous phase of setting up a company - has long since established itself as a cult institution thanks to five successful live shows to date. With the now sixth show again one drauf is to be set, so the desire of the founders Marc Niclas Janz, Johannes Kliesch, digital expert Marcus Diekmann and BDX high-flyer Benjamin Diedering. After the past show in Mainz, which was held in the MEWA - Arena, already exceeded all expectations, no easy undertaking. Thereby, the first contacts with Tommy Balschbach, authorized signatory of the Mannheim Palazzo, were already made in November 2022. "When Johannes showed me the Spiegelpalast, I shook my head," Julian Rauch recalls. "I thought it was absolutely crazy that we would be hosting the Founders League once in such a location."

"The Palazzo's charisma extends far beyond the city limits - just as we wanted for the Founders League from the very beginning. So it was immediately clear to me that this should be the place for our live show"...", says Johannes Kliesch, co-founder of Founders League. Marcus Diekmann and Benjamin Diedering were also quickly enthusiastic.

"Whoever pitches with us has to deliver a good show in order to win over the audience. What could underline this better than the ambience of the Palazzo, with its backdrops reminiscent of the great circus arenas of yesteryear?" agency owner Diedering is certain. And digital expert Marcus Diekmann also sees many parallels to entrepreneurship in the venerable event setting: "Whether in business, in gastronomy or in the cultural sector - if you want to sell yourself as a brand or your service, you have to be convincing. This includes good stories and entertainment." The Palazzo as the location for the sixth Founders League Live Show is intended to offer just that: Entertainment. To this end, every last detail was meticulously thought out by Julian Rauch and his team. "We had three months to turn the show completely inside out." The CEO is satisfied with the result: "We really reached a new level. I'm proud of the entire crew."

Reinforcement for the jury: Mannheim native Alisa Jahnke joins for the second time

Also on board at the Palazzo is Alisa Jahnke, who not only brings the appropriate glamour to the Palazzo, but also a fair amount of expertise. Alisa Jahnke is the founder of the Purelei jewelry label, which, like Snocks, was founded seven years ago in Mannheim. For the young entrepreneur, it is already the second time on the Founders League stage. "I'm looking forward to this event right on our doorstep, especially the startups - it's incredible how many remarkable talents and ideas there are in Germany. I think it's very important to promote entrepreneurship and creativity; I'm therefore very proud to be involved and hope to be able to give the start-ups helpful tips as part of the jury."

One founder is sure to benefit: Viola Weller, a resident of Mannheim, founded the label "Vlace" last year. Behind the brand are completely vegan and recycled sneakers, made from grape and orange leather. The Mannheim native is already considered a shooting star in the fashion industry after just one year since her founding. "Participating in the Founders League is already my highlight. And that the show is also taking place in Mannheim - the madness!"

Which other start-ups are planning to wow the Mannheim audience will remain a secret until shortly before the show. There will also be a surprise guest who will complete the jury team.


Founders League
Live Show, Palazzo Mannheim
13. September 2022 / 19.30 Uhr / Einlass 18 Uhr /
Aftershow-Party und Networking 22 Uhr

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