Entrepreneurship Hub

Entrepreneurship Hub

Since Adtelligence was founded in 2009, we can look back on 8 years of successful company history. 
Finding affordable and flexible office spaces wasn’t always that easy. 
Now we want to support young founders, Startups and students building up their own success story. 

In 2017 we moved in our new office, which is located in Mannheim-Oststadt. We want to offer several office spaces at low prices and flexible terms. 
The basement, where we installed some Hot Desks, suits perfect for Freelancers and Start-Ups with low budget. 

We rent a complete office space at the first floor: https://www.immobilienscout24.de/expose/91920870?referrer=SCOUT_ID_SEARCH&ftc=8024LOG

At the catacombs we have a pool and sauna out of the seventies – a perfect scenery for video shootings etc.
You can find some more information on our website: https://www.immobilienscout24.de/expose/91920870?referrer=SCOUT_ID_SEARCH&ftc=8024LOG

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate calling us!

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