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Dr. Martin Gutfleisch (InnovationLab) in MAN 632

Dr. Martin Gutfleisch (InnovationLab) in MAN 632
On Thursday April 18th, Dr. Martin Gutfleisch (InnovationLab Heidelberg) will hold a guest lecture on the Cluster Forum Organic Electronics and recent technological and scientific advancements in Organic Electronics and their potential. The talk is in the context of MAN 632. The venue is the PwC Lecture Hall M003 and everybody is kindly encouraged to join (participation is not restricted to MAN 632 students). The lecture will start at 13:45.
The growing demand for energy and raw materials makes the development of green technologies necessary for sustainable growth. The work of the Leading-Edge Cluster Forum Organic Electronics concentrates on environment-friendly energy production employing organic photovoltaics, the economical use of energy by means of organic light-emitting diodes and the resource-conserving production of electronic circuits, memories and sensors (for more information see document attached).

What are the implications for innovation, technology transfer and future products and markets? Subsequent to the guest lecture, MAN 632 students will engage in a Creative Science Foresight Project to provide their visions of the future. The group projects shall help advancing entrepreneurial opportunity recognition. 
Be amazed by this high-potential technology and get inspired!

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