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Business model validation @Heyanna

Business model validation @Heyanna Pixabay

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen, Philipp Steinrötter and Jan Henrik Scheuermann were working for Heyanna in spring semester 2019. As a result of their work they generated and analysed three core business models for HEYANNA and finally decided on a B2C strategy. They created and analysed the following three business models for HEYANNA: B2C Matching Platform, B2B Matching Platform and HEYANNA Spaces. Following a matching only strategy would solve the core problem which is finding the perfect flatmates and where current solutions lack in a consistent and delightful user experience. However coliving crews will only search for flatmates once or twice a year, which has a relatively low retention. This is why the second business model focused more on companies who operate coliving spaces and need a tool to manage their application flow. For them it is most interesting to automate their application process as much as possible and that HEYANNA would provide a perfect pipeline dashboard for them, which is of value. In the end the HEYANNA team should start with the matching B2C app, as this is the part, which is implemented the fastest and then develop towards providing own HEYANNA spaces and capturing the coliving market in its various niches.

Heyanna is a coloving provider located in Mannheim. After a period of market analysis and app testing the young startup launched their app just a few months ago. Already now they are are to provide coliving spaces in major towns. Applying for a coliving space at Heyanna is only possible by creating a vivid profile like a Facebook account. Heyanna was founded by Timo Strauch, Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen, Chiara Saltaformaggio and Filiz Isabella Hellwig in 2019. Sebastian is currently doing a Master's in Business Informatics. Timo is an alumni of the University of Mannheim and has also studied Business Informatics.


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