Product Development @DECORAMI

Product Development @DECORAMI

During their MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit course in fall semester 2021 Ayten Mahmud and Florentin Lamarcq joined Decorami for their Inside the Venture Project.

The mission that DECORAMI was proposing for this project, was to further develop their own product lines, called DECORAMI Green and DECORAMI Exclusive. So the team had to come up with new ideas for products or variations of products to enhance DECORAMI’s offering in the world of party decoration and accessories. Since DECORAMI was an already established start-up, the core moves were to do a deep dive into the world of DECORAMI to fully understand what they stand for, what kind of products they offer, how they are present on social media and most importantly. As a result of the project several new products were presented.

To massively reduce plastic for the sector of party and entertainment decorations, DECORAMI has launched in 2017 to promote product lines which rely as little as possible on the usage of plastic and encourage reusability in many decorative products. For this purpose, DECORAMI launched their DECORAMI Green and DECORAMI Exclusive lines in 2019, which heavily focus on sustainability and reusability.

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